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5 June 2013

Council Workshop: First Rate Regulator Initiative

In November 2012, CEO Nick Stace launched the First Rate Regulator Initiative. The purpose was to get an objective picture of where we were in terms of regulatory effectiveness in the context of other healthcare and professional regulators.

This was designed to help us build upon the good work that we do and the reforms that have been undertaken, whilst highlighting those areas where we could improve.

Phase one

The first phase of the initiative was concerned with building an evidence base. External specialists were contracted to listen to the profession, the public and other stakeholders, and internal audiences, to establish levels of satisfaction with the College as regulator.

The response we received was exceptional, with 4,897 veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and practice managers responding to one survey, and 265 members of the public responding to a survey of those who had complained about a veterinary surgeon to the College in the last two years.

Phase two

In April 2013, we entered the second phase of the project, when the external experts and College Officers began to consider the findings and recommendations, with a view to developing the outline of a plan for implementing reforms.

On 22 April, the Officers and incoming Vice-President Stuart Reid participated in a full-day workshop with principal researcher, Sally Williams, to develop a series of proposals, based on her initial recommendations, that were priorities for the RCVS and which, if implemented, would allow us to become a ‘First Rate Regulator’.

The Officers’ recommendations formed the basis for discussion at a special meeting of RCVS Council held, in public, on the afternoon of 5 June 2013, at which Council began to began to develop an outline of how the reforms could be implemented.

Phase three

The discussions in the Council Workshop will inform the strategic plan, which will guide the implementation of the longer term reforms. Council will discuss a draft strategic plan at an additional meeting held in September 2013 and the final plan will be approved at the Council meeting in November 2013.

Council Workshop

The documents from the Council Workshop on 5 June are available below, these include a presentation of the FRR findings and recommendations, the full FRR reports, and a paper incorporating the Officers’ recommendations entitled ‘Becoming a First Rate Regulator’.

Paper title

File type / size

First Rate Regulator Presentation

PowerPoint (618kb)

Survey of the Professions Report

PDF (1976kb)

Survey of Complainants Report

PDF (1032kb)

Qualitative Research Report

PDF (2952kb)

Experiences of Disciplinary Hearings Report

PDF (132kb)

Best Regulatory Practice Report

PDF (1469kb)

First Rate Regulator Initiative Recommendations

PDF (714kb)

Becoming a First Rate Regulator

PDF (54kb)