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Our updated guidance, published on 9 April, emphasised that as ever, we trust veterinary professionals to make decisions based on the specific situation with which they are faced, and their local knowledge. As such, our guidance very much focuses on how you work, rather than what you are doing. There will be some who make different clinical decisions to others; but I’d like to reassure you of two things:

Niall Connell

  • We understand the extreme challenges and difficult decisions you are facing and have no interest in taking anyone to task for considered professional judgement, providing you act reasonably in the circumstances, can justify your actions and take reasonable notes.
  • The flowchart does not in any way represent ‘business as usual’. Decisions need to be taken in the light of the current very stringent government advice for social distancing – and that applies to clients and staff.

We have compiled answers to the most common queries we’re receiving at the College. While I hope we have been able to address your concern, please contact our advice team if you need guidance on a specific situation you find yourself in: or 020 7202 0789.


Frequently Asked Questions