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Covid-19 Taskforce

Like all organisations, we are currently being called upon to make quick decisions on issues relating to the pandemic that affect public health and animal health and welfare.

With a Council of 34 members, this can be challenging to do via remote means at any speed, especially against such a fast-moving backdrop.

On 26 March we established a Covid-19 Taskforce to support more agile decision-making, while continuing to maintain a robust process.

The Taskforce includes the RCVS Officer Team, Chairs of non-statutory committees, a veterinary Council representative, a lay Council representative and senior staff (CEO, Registrar and Director of Operations).

Its role is to consider temporary changes to RCVS policy that specifically relate to Covid-19.

Permanent changes, and those that may be temporary but have a wider impact on the ability of the College to carry out its statutory functions, will be reserved to Council.

The Taskforce membership and terms of reference are set out below.


Voting members
Non-voting members

Terms of reference

The Taskforce was established on a temporary basis on 26 March 2020 in order to speed up decision making in a very fast-moving environment where time is of the essence and gaining the views of a large number of individuals is not always possible in a prompt fashion.

Its key function is to make decisions on temporary policy changes that pertain to the Covid-19 pandemic (for example, suspension of EMS, temporary changes to CPD policy, temporary changes to guidance).

Decisions on permanent changes, or those with the potential to have a far-reaching effect on the ability of the RCVS to function (such as fees) are retained by Council.

It also has a role in horizon-scanning issues likely to be affected by Covid-19 and feeding in relevant views from the profession and the public so that we ensure we are aware of matters that are important to them.

Decisions made by this Taskforce are reported to Council for information on a timely basis. Notes from the meetings will be available to Council on request.

Meanwhile some Covid-19 related decisions will continue to be made by senior staff, eg operational, and committees (as per current delegation scheme), while others will be escalated to Council as mentioned above.

It will meet virtually at least once per week, and will also communicate and make decisions by email.

The quorum is five voting members. The Chair has the casting vote, if required, due to even number of voting members.

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