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EAEVE-Approved or Accredited veterinary schools

Veterinary surgeons from EAEVE-approved or accredited schools may apply to register with the RCVS, providing the school was approved/accredited at the time that you gained your qualification.

To check whether your qualification is accepted by the RCVS, please refer to the list of countries below. 

You can also find out which documents you need to supply in order to register with us.

Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Croatia Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary
Ireland Italy Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Romania Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland

If the country where you received your veterinary degree does not appear on the list above, or your school was not EAEVE-approved at the time you gained your qualification, then you will need to sit and pass the Statutory Membership Examination in order to be accepted onto the Register.


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Vienna 7 October 2000


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Ghent 6 November 2004
Liege 3 February 2010


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Stara Zagora 19 November 2015


Town Approval/Accreditation date

1 November 2003 - 30 October 2013

20 May 2015 

Czech Republic

Town Approval/Accreditation date
Brno Vet 7 October 2000
Brno Hyg 8 March 2002


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Copenhagen 30 November 2010


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Tartu 2 February 2010 - 11 May 2016


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Helsinki 23 November 2009


Town Approval/Accreditation date

22 April 2008 - 19 November 2015

28 November 2017


8 November 2002


28 August 1999 - 2 July 2004

17 April 2007 - 10 December 2014

17 May 2017


10 December 2014


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Berlin 22 April 2008 - 18 May 2018
Giessen 7-8 March 2004
Hannover 2 July 2008
Leipzig 25 November 2008
Munich 14 March 2003


Town Approval/Accreditation date

11 July 2002 - 30 November 2011

20 May 2014


Town Approval/Accreditation date

25 November 1996 - 5-6 November 2011

7 April 2007


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Dublin 7-8 March 2004


Town Approval/Accreditation date

7 March 2004 - 20 May 2014

11 May 2016

Bologna 27-28 August 1999
Camerino 30 November 2011
Messina 20 May 2015
Milano 30 January 2013
Napoli 30 October 2013
Padua 22 June 2010
Parma 14 May 2012
Perugia 2 July 2008
Pisa 14 May 2012
Sassari 30 October 2013
Teramo 1 December 2010
Torino 12 April 2011


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Utrecht 28 August 1999


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Oslo 5-6 November 2004


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Lublin 11 May 2016
Olsztyn 11 May 2016
Warsaw 7 October 2000 - 22 June 2010

14-15 March 2003 - 21 April 2009

11 May 2016


Town Approval/Accreditation date

7 October 2000 - 8 April 2005

28 November 2007

Vila Real

23 November 2016


Town Approval/Accreditation date

8 March 2002 - 14 May 2012

3 November 2016


28 November 2007 - 20 May 2015

17 May 2017

Timisoara 10 December 2014


Town Approval/Accreditation date

8-9 March 2002 - 4 July 2006

23 November 2016


Town Approval/Accreditation date

7 October 2000 - 24 November 2009

12 April 2011


Town Approval/Accreditation date

7 October 2000 - 3 November 2005

28 November 2007

Caceres 14 May 2012
Cordoba 22 June 2010
Las Palmas 21 April 2009
Leon 17 May 2017
Lugo 8-9 March 2002
Madrid Complutense 11 March 2000

8-9 November 2002 - 18 April 2007

28 November 2007

Valencia 28 November 2017
Zaragoza 23 June 2010


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Uppsala 29 November 2007 - 28 November 2017


Town Approval/Accreditation date
Zurich/Bern - VetSuisse 7 October 2000


Town Approval/Accreditation date

17 April 2007 - 11 May 2016

May 2018

Aydin 11 May 2016
Bursa 23 June 2010
Elazig 30 October 2013
Istanbul 23 November 2016
Konya 30 October 2013

If you gained your qualification from one of the above EAEVE-approved schools, read the information below to learn about the application process.

Which documents do I need to apply?

All applicants must provide documents relating to identification, qualifications and a letter of good standing, as outlined below.

1. A copy of the identifying page and front cover of your valid passport

In exceptional circumstances where you do not have a valid passport we may be able to accept:

A copy of your valid EU identity card

1. An A4 copy of your primary veterinary qualification in its original language

2. A certified English translation* of your primary veterinary qualification, where necessary

Along with the 2 documents above, applicants from the countries below will need to supply the following additional documents:

  • Diploma di abilitazione all’exercizio della medicina veterinaria
  • Sprièevalo o opravljenem državnem izpitu s podroèja veterinarstva (Certificate of having passed the state examination in the field of veterinary medicine)
  • tbc
Letter of good standing

You will also need to submit a letter of good standing. Its content and author will vary depending on which of the below categories you fall into:

a. Applicants registering within 3 months of the date of their graduation:

A letter of good standing from the Dean / Principal / Rector of your veterinary school / college.

This should be a formal letter on university headed paper, issued after the date you graduated, and should be sent directly to the RCVS by the University, as evidence of your good standing.

The letter should confirm:

  • the exact date of graduation [DD/MM/YYYY]
  • that you were a student of good standing, including where relevant details of any cautions or criminal convictions, as well as absolute and conditional discharges and spent convictions, or any adverse findings, including disciplinary proceedings against you.

b. Applicants registering more than 3 months after the date of their graduation and who are registered with a registration / licensing authority:

A letter or certificate of good standing from your current registration / licensing authority.

This should be sent directly to the RCVS by the registration / licensing authority and state that:

  • you are registered to practise as a veterinary surgeon by that authority
  • you are of good professional standing and good character, and there is no charge of unprofessional conduct or a criminal offence outstanding against you, including where relevant details of any cautions or criminal convictions, as well as absolute and conditional discharges and spent convictions, or any adverse findings, including professional disciplinary proceedings against you
  • you hold a veterinary degree

In the unlikely event that your letter or certificate of good standing is given directly to you by your current registration / licensing authority, please ensure the original letter is brought with you to your appointment.

c. Applicants who are not registered with a registration / licensing authority:

If you are not currently registered with an authority, please submit your application and the RCVS will contact you with further instructions upon receipt of your application.

Please note that letters of good standing are only valid for 3 months after the date of issue and must be valid on the day of the registration appointment.

You will need to bring the original hard copy to your appointment, printing out a letter of good standing which has been sent by email does not make it an original.

If you are a new graduate, your letter of good standing will only be valid for 3 months after the date of graduation.

If your letter of good standing is not in English you will be required to provide a certified English translation* with it.

* A certified translation is one that has been stamped / signed / sealed by a qualified or official translator, or by a translation company, certifying its accuracy.

How do I apply?

Please ensure you have read all the information above and that you have your required documents ready before you apply.

For information on applying, please visit the How to apply page.

View a list of available appointment dates.

Don't leave it too late!

The registration application process usually takes 20 days once we have received your application and all supporting documents in the correct format. However, in busy periods, it can take up to 6 weeks to wait for an available appointment.

To avoid any delay to when you can start work, we recommend that you apply to register and book your registration appointment as soon as possible.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 3 working days.