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Professional Development Record (PDR)

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The Professional Development Record (PDR) is an online platform that helps veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses create a lifelong learning record by allowing them to easily and conveniently store their continuing professional development (CPD) records.

The PDR is designed to support the planning, timetabling and recording of events and activities which count towards the annual CPD requirements of all veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses. Features which support these activities include a CPD activity record page; a personal development plan for recording planned CPD, intended objectives and ways in which these will be implemented; reflective notes and comments on what has been learnt; and, a diary for recording dates of forthcoming events and development activities. 

Documents and other files such as photographs can be uploaded to support the CPD record and development plans, helping the user to keep all their relevant CPD documents in one place. The system is fully supported by online context sensitive help, as well as an e-learning help file on how to use the system.

PDR for veterinary surgeons

The PDR for veterinary surgeons is split into three stages: the Student Experience Log for veterinary students; the Professional Development Phase (PDP) for new veterinary graduates; and, the standard PDR for veterinary surgeons at all stages of their career.

PDR for veterinary nurses

The PDR for veterinary nurses follows on from the Nursing Progress Log (NPL) for student veterinary nurses and has all of the main features of the vet PDR.

How to get started

If you are a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurses you must click on the respective links below to begin the registration process. You will need to have your RCVS registration number to hand in order to do this.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email asking you to activate your registration. This will take you into the system and enable you to access your personal CPD record.

If you do not receive an email with your activation link, please check first in your email spam or junk mail folder. If the email has gone into your spam/junk folder, you will need to move it out again into your main inbox folder before you can activate the link.

If you still do not receive an activation email from the system within a day, please report this to us at if you are a vet and if you are a veterinary nurse and we will make arrangements to activate your account as soon as we can.