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CPD Champions blog

Welcome to our CPD Champions blog in which we feature veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses writing about a range of issues relating to continuing professional development - including why it is important; how to engage with it; how to fit it around work and personal life; how to record it; and where to find it among other topics.

We will be regularly updating the blog but are always looking for new CPD Champions and new blog ideas – if you are interested please email outlining your idea.

Latest blogs

Learning from reflection
Jill Macdonald

Veterinary nurse Jill Macdonald went from practice to education, and now has her own online CPD company – here she writes about the value of reflective learning in CPD.

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How to do CPD on a budget
Lauren Valentine

Veterinary nurse Lauren Valentine writes about how CPD need not be an expensive and time-consuming activity and how it can be easily integrated into working life at a low cost.

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How clinical clubs can share best practice, in practice
Shona McIntyre

Shona McIntyre works as a small animal practitioner in Scotland and, in her blog, writes about the benefits of practices working together to form clinical clubs to share best practice and learning points.

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Integrating learning into everyday practice
Pam Brown

Pam Brown is a mixed practice vet in Northumbria. In her blog she writes about how she integrates around 100 hours of CPD every year into her busy practice life.

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Squeezing it all in………work, family and 35 hours per year of CPD!
Vicki Williams

Vicky Williams is a mother-of-two who currently works as a veterinary surgeon part-time. In her CPD Champions blog she gives tips on how to balance CPD around work and family life.

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What is mentoring and why it can be helpful (and fun!) 
Roseangela Ragni

Rosa Ragni has worked as a veterinary surgeon in the UK since 2002 having initially graduated in Italy. In her CPD Champions blog she writes about the importance of mentoring and how it can help generate new ideas and job satisfaction and both mentor and mentee. 

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