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Do I need to change my name?

Not unless you intend to practise under your new name.

If you intend to continue practising under your original name, you will not be required to change your name on the Register. If you would like to practise under your new name, we require that you change your name on the Register to follow suit.

Related FAQs

  • You can request to change your name online via 'My Account' as part of your annual renewal, as well as at any point during the year. You will be required to supply a photocopy of the relevant supporting documentation (i.e. marriage certificate, deed poll certificate or decree absolute).

    Alternatively, you can email a copy of your official documentation to the Registration Department at Please note if you contact us from an email address we don't recognise you will be asked to answer a series of security questions so we can verify your identity.

    If you have changed your name by deed poll, you must supply the official document (the deed), which must be witnessed and signed by a solicitor. If your deed poll certificate has not been witnessed and signed by a solicitor, we can still accept the certificate as long as you are also able to provide a copy of your valid passport in your new name (the same name as stated on your deed poll certificate).

    All name change requests must be approved by a member of the Registration Department and may take up to three working days to be approved. You will receive confirmation by email once your request has been approved.